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Issue 3, 2023

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Should Jamaica change its national dish from ackee and saltfish?
We opened a can of worms when we asked a number of folks and stumbled on a couple of dirty little secrets about Jamaica’s ‘national dish’ 😉; bumped into stories from the past; heard from a Jamaican living in Ghana. AND, oh, we’ve got recipes…from Ackee & Saltfish Spring Roll to Ackee Frittata, Curry Goat, Jerk Pork and more.
PLUS you’ll want to read the stories: About 2 friends and a box of Bombay mangoes.
Then, from Bermuda with Love. A Bermudan cookbook author tells the story of visiting Jamaica for the first time in 1951 with her Jamaican headmaster father.
THEN wrap yourself in the toe-tingling warmth of Caribbean Comfort flavours… from Toronto chef Bryan Birch’s Trini Corn Soup to Haitian Pork Griot, Corned Beef Macaroni and Cheese and Ol’ Fashion Jamaican Stew Peas an’ Rice.
OH, there’s more…we tasted Subway’s Jerk-Spiced Chicken Rice Bowl and Whole Foods market’s ‘Jamaican Rice and Beans’; and sweet and tangy bites from the 2024 Flavour of the Year, Tamarind.
WIN! WIN! WIN! We’re giving away copies of Contemporary Caribbean Cuisine, a compelling NEW COOKBOOK of Caribbean food.
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