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Issue # 1, 2021: 15th Anniversary Issue

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15th ANNIVERSARY ISSUE: Down Memory Lane!
When old people used to exclaim about the passage of time, I used to roll my eyes. But now I get it. Time flies! This year, we celebrate 15 years of the ONLY Jamaican food magazine…and boy is it ever juicy!
Walk down memory lane with us. You’ll bus’ yuh belly laughing when you read what Mas’ Bentley says about people who get poisoned eating cassava…and that’s just one piece of it.
Then, meet the 5-year-old farmer from St. Elizabeth and read Adrienne Nunes’ old-fashioned cooking lessons from her father. And Jamaican-Canadian performer Miss Tania Lou, tells us why Jamaican food so ‘nice and sweet.’
Besides the great stories, flip the pages for recipes…from Brown Stew Fish, and Corned Beef Tacos, to a Dragon Stout Cheesecake with SWAG and a Spicy Avocado Salsa.
This edition of JamaicanEats is one you’ll want to keep. It nice yuh see!
Canadian (only) can also pay in CAD$ via interac money transfer…CAD$39.99 for a subscription or CAD$14 for a single copy to email caribbeanfoodguide@gmail.com. AND remember to send your mailing address to caribbeanfoodguide@gmail.com.


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