sweet potato pudding

Sweet Potato Pudding in a Snap!

1 package > 2 Steps > 10 Minutes* > You’re Done > Delicious Pudding
*Not including baking time of about 45 minutes  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

Photo by Carlington Wilmot

Sweet potato pudding is a classic Jamaican dessert (especially on Sundays) or snack.
Many Jamaicans know the saying: Hell a Top, Hell A Bottom, Hallelujah in a Middle.
That’s because back in the day old-time people used to bake their puddings (sweet potato, cornmeal, etc.) on a coal stove with burning coal on top and underneath. The hallelujah was the divine sweet potato pudding in the middle—between the hot, glowing coal.
These days, of course, most everyone bakes in an oven.
BUT you still have the work of:
Finding a recipe you like; buying/gathering all the ingredients; weighing/measuring and grating the sweet potatoes; measuring, sifting, mixing, stirring all the ingredients; checking and then pouring the batter.
WHEW!  Well, NO MORE!!!
The folks at the Jeffrey Town Farmers’ Association have done all that the heavy lifting for you. All you need to do is buy the pudding mix. Everything you need for the pudding comes in a nifty 1 pound 8-ounce pack. In
 Steps & 10 Minutes (not including baking time) you have a divine (medium-sized) Jamaican pudding! JUST LIKE THAT.
So basically, you get this heavenly pudding and zero drama of the “hell”. Plus it’s GLUTEN-FREE CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE
Jef town pkg

The Jeffrey Town Farmers Association is located in Jeffrey Town, St. Mary, Jamaica. The mandate of the association is to improve the lives and livelihoods of its members and the wider community through a dedicated effort toward sustainable advancement.
Jamaican-based buyers who want to purchase the sweet potato pudding mix, please contact the JTFA through its website  or 876.823.3057