Love Letter to the Caribbean

Passport to Caribbean Food: A handy resource guide for Caribbean food
There are those who believe that French cuisine is tops and that Italian, Chinese, Japanese (you name it) dishes are it.
I beg to disagree.
Nothing wrong with those food, but when it comes to flavour, variety, attitude and vibe, Caribbean Cuisine Rules.
Let me start with the obvious. Jerk. Jerk. And Jerk. Everybody is asking for it, eating it and many have taken to making and selling it…often to the chagrin of those who know the real jerk.
Then there is the Jamaican Patty. Need we say more? And Roti, Doubles, Curry dishes, Christmas Rum/Fruit Cake…
Caribbean food seduces you with its sizzle; the intoxicating aroma of the coffee; the sweet ripeness of voluptuous mangoes; the wicked, wicked knee-buckling potency of our rum and the swagger of our people.
Not to mention that eating Caribbean means the world on your plate. The cuisine of the islands is influenced by Africa, Latin America, western Europe, India, the Middle East and the Native peoples who first inhabited the region.    With splashes of Caribbean grandmas (who never measure anything), touches from backyard cookouts and, these days, exciting twists by our chefs, island food beckons.
Obey the call.
Love, Grace