Caribbean Meals Giveaway

Month of Caribbean Meals Giveaway
ALL VIP (Lifetime and Annual) Members of Passport to Caribbean Food are automatically entered in the Draw for 1 Month of Caribbean Meals.
+ NEW!!! We’re giving away a Prize Package that includes: a copy of 10 Reasons Why Jamaicans Run So Fast Cookbook by JamaicanEats magazine; Nyammings cookbook by Chef Sian Rose; Chef Cunny’s jerk marinade, Chef Noel Cunningham. (All members — General and VIP — are automatically entered).
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IMAGINE for a moment, coming home to a prepared, restaurant-quality Caribbean Meal…for 1 whole month?
AND, picture this, the meals are delivered by top quality chefs who bring out the flavours of the Caribbean in every mouth-watering bite.
WE ARE HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE that Passport to Caribbean Food is giving away 1 Month of Caribbean Meals to 2 VIP members – 1 in Canada and 1 in the continental U.S.
PLUS, if you’re a Vegetarian, we also have you covered.

Ensure your entry
Until Dec. 31, 2017, Lifetime & Annual Members are automatically entered in the Draw. To become a member, visit Passport to Caribbean Food GoFundMe campaign page for details.
You can also visit for information.

Winnipeg-based Chef Noel Cunningham is making a name for himself on the city’s food scene. Resident chef on the WPG morning television show Marc and Mandy, Jamaican-born Cunningham was chosen “One of 10 Chefs You’re Loving Right Now” by JamaicanEats magazine readers in 2016. The young chef operates a full-service food catering company, specializing in healthy, authentic, contemporary Caribbean cuisine.;;;

UNITED STATES: You can almost taste the bold and sassy flavours of the Caribbean in the way Island Flavors And Tings describes its food. The tiny, Tampa Bay area (Florida) restaurant backs up its promise of a dining experience that’s “a reggae/calypso medley full of subtleties, yet pulsating,” with multiple food awards. Home of the award-winning Mango Bread, Island Flavors is owned by Helena Josephs who has distinguished herself in this area of central Florida.;;

Terms and Conditions
* Prizes are each valued at CAD$500 (approx. U.S.$380) and have no cash value.

* This Giveaway is opened to Canadian & (continental) U.S. addresses only. Members living outside North America can donate their prize (should they win), but must indicate by email, before the deadline, if it’s for a Canadian or continental U.S. address.
* Entry closes December 31 at 11:59 pm EST. The 2 winners will be notified by email.
* Eligible (Lifetime & Annual) members will receive an email with their ticket (entry) number.
* Live Draw: Winners will be drawn in September via Facebook Live. Exact date to be announced.
* Winners will have 24 hours to claim their prize. If unclaimed after 24 hours, a runner-up will be randomly selected.
* Blackout period for meals delivery.
To ensure your entry in the draw, please visit Passport to Caribbean Food  and become a Lifetime or Annual VIP member: 
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